Dr. Alan Jones, our Research Manager at Earthwatch Institute has been analysing the results of our soil carbon analysis following our spring Earthworm Watch campaign. We can now have a first look at the relationship between earthworm numbers and our soil colour chart which indicates soil carbon content. From the start of Earthworm Watch, one of our aims was to try to understand how soil carbon content might influence earthworm numbers.

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Immature example of the earthworm species Helodrilus oculatus

Immature Helodrilus oculatus found at the London Wetland Centre

On Saturday 22nd October Earthwatch Watch visited the London Wetland Centre to promote the Earthworm Watch survey and take part in earthworm activities with visitors. During the day Emma Sherlock (curator of earthworms at the Natural History Museum, London) and I went searching for some specialist wetland earthworms. There are four species of earthworms in the UK with a strong preference for living in waterlogged conditions such as wetlands.

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Fresh from charming earthworms at the London Wetland Centre in Barnes this weekend, members of the Earthworm Watch team will be delivering earthworm activities for families at the historic Oxford University Botanic Gardens and Harcourt Arboretum. This will involve some demonstrations of the Earthworm Watch survey for family visitors and the chance to take part in craft activities, explore the autumn wildlife and catch a glimpse of mini-beasts found in soil and leaf litter.

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WWT London Wetland Centre, Barnes

What do you know about the humble earthworm? Discover how and why human beings and the wildlife we love depend upon earthworms as Earthworm Watch comes to WWT London Wetland Centre for the very first time on Saturday 22nd October 2016. To celebrate World Earthworm Day, join scientists from the Natural History Museum and Earthwatch Institute to discover more about earthworms and Earthworm Watch.

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Earthworm Watch display at Science Uncovered

Earthworm Watch display at Science Uncovered, Natural History Museum, London

Science Uncovered is part of European Researchers' Night, and is a free annual festival of science held at various institutions across the UK giving the public the opporunity to discover rare items from the Museum collections, meet experts and take part in interactive science stations, debates and behind-the-scenes tours. This is the fourth Science Uncovered I have attended but the first where I have talked solely about Earthworm Watch and earthworm research.

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About Us

Earthworm Watch is a collaboration between Earthwatch Institute (Europe) and the Natural History Museum in London

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